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B0rn & rasied in JP - went to grammar school in Mission Hill, High School for 3 years In PA, then spent my last year and graduated from Mission High in 78'.  Left JP in 78' for college and career(s) and now come "home" to visit a couple of times each year.  Family still lives there, still on same street.  Have seen all the changes, some good, some not so good, but overall a much better place. 
The one aspect of JP that I and my generation miss (thank goodness for Face Book) is the way we could "grow-up" outside, play and be kids.  While there may be more community parks, I don't think it is as good for the kids  now growing up as it was in the 70s.  Also, we LOVED the trolleys!  We could go from Forest Hills to downtown for a dime and a transfer!  Take in a Sox Game, go skating at the rink, go to the Commons, you name we did it as KIDS.  And the Arbs was a playground for us!  We respected it and loved it and cherished it as our "world" outside of the streets.  We did not have all the community groups there are now; that is a very good improvement and would have been excellent to have then.  Keep in mind, the big "move-out" during the 70s & 80s had less to do with race & the make-up of the communities (HS/JP/MH/DedH/WesRox), as many have pandered, but more to do with the lack of jobs and possibilities. The "yuppie" real estate market also helped seal the great "move-out"...
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