Mary Hannon
I've lived in JP since (1985)  I was a poor student at UMASS Boston and worked at the MFA, my last job there was Assistant to the Director of Photography. I met my husband, David  here in 1991 and we are raising our two boys, Sam (17) and Caleb (12).  When Sam was 5 I went back to work and was sucked into Real Estate by good friends. I've been a Realtor at Prudential  in JP since 1998.  JP will always be where I'm from at this point I've lived here way more than half my life. The community is what keeps me here.  I was a scooper for Vince at JPlicks in 1986, I was a Gumshoe girl for Otto (40 South) in 1995, I was behind the counter at Arborway Video letting your late fees slide.. I'm currently on JPCentre South Main Streets Board, and the CAC for the Redevolopment of Centre and South Streets. My passion is writing and poetry..  I love JP and don't expect to ever leave.. You ALL make it a haven here... 
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