Gerry Dungan
Email: gerrydungan@patch.com Phone: 215-882-2813 Hometown: Philadelphia, PA Birthday: 9-15-1983 Professional highlight:
Gerry once went on an assignment concerning a new cell-phone program that told Perkiomen Trail users about important historic landmarks. The best way Gerry thought of covering this photo-gallery/story was by hopping on his Marin mountain bike to ride the trails. Along the way he found breath-taking views off of Spring Mount, learned that the trail was built upon a once-major rail line, got a rare opportunity to take photos inside the Old Goshenhoppen Church and learned even more history from trail users along the way. A friend of his, who rode with him as an amatuer photographer, later asked with a smile, "Ger, you get paid for this?" That trip was certainly a highlight of his professional journalism career. He looks forward to also having a bit of fun while covering stories in Upper Moreland, and getting to know folks in the community who he meets along the way. Politics I registered as a democrat while in college, but I firmly believe only through bipartisanship efforts can government serve the people. Religion I was born a Catholic, raised as one, as well as a non-denominational Christian. Although, I don't go to church as often anymore, I do like to think that the basic goodwill values I learned as a youth are what we all strive to share with one another every day. Local Hot-Button Issues From the township and civic organization meetings I've attended so far, I feel that this is a community that sincerely cares for its future and each individual resident. As I get better aquainted with people in this community, I look forward to seeing what stories they tell.
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