What's Open and Closed on Labor Day 2012

Hopefully, you have the day off from labor. See what's open and what's closed.

Monday, Sept. 3 is Labor Day.

Retail stores: Open.

Liquor stores: Open.

Supermarkets: Open.

Convenience stores: Open.

Taverns, bars: Open.

Banks: Most closed; some branches may be open, such as Citizens Bank locations in Shop & Shop stores; TD Bank is open.

Stock market: Closed.

Municipal, state, and federal offices: Closed.

Libraries: Closed.

Community Centers: Closed.

Public Pools: Closed except for the Clougherty and Mirabella pools, which are open until 7:30 p.m.

Schools: Closed.

Mail: Post offices closed; express delivery only.

Parking meters: Free

MBTA: Mostly running a Sunday schedule.

Trash Collection: Trash and recycling collection are one day late for the remainder of week except Boston Proper (which includes a small bit of JP), Roxbury, Charlestown, and South Boston.

College Students: The Transportation Department has issued a traffic advisory & parking restrictions notice related to students moving in.

Street Sweeping: None on Monday during daytime hours, but overnight sweeping from midnight to 7 a.m. will proceed as scheduled.


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