O'Malley Sticks By Connolly for Mayor Despite Council Friendships

District 6 City Councilor Matt O'Malley says he would sacrifice himself if he, John Connolly and Michael Ross, were falling off a cliff and he could save both of them.


District 6 City Councilor Matt O'Malley, representing Jamaica Plain, West Roxbury, parts of Roslindale and Mission Hill, talked about his endorsement of John Connolly for Boston mayor, his food preferences, and delicious Boston tap water with Patch.

Patch: You endorsed At-Large City Councilor John Connolly for Boston mayor?

O'Malley: Correct.

Patch: But now your fellow colleagues Felix Arroyo, Rob Consalvo and Michael Ross are all running to be the next Boston mayor – did you endorse too soon?

O'Malley: No. I think this is among the most important elections of my lifetime and many Bostonians lifetime. Tom Menino will go down as one of the greatest mayors in Boston’s history and whomever follows him will have enormous shoes to fill. I have enormous respect and regard for all of my colleagues who have announced their candidacy, and for those who are not city councilors. They are all great people, but I believe of the candidates, John (Connolly) is best-equipped to lead this city because of his passion, intellect and platform. And that’s why I endorsed him.

Patch: I’m looking at this picture (see attached to this article) I took of you and Michael Ross at the Corrib Road Race, happening this year on June 2, you two look so happy together – what happened?

O'Malley: (Laughs) Nothing happened. I love Mike Ross, he is a friend, a great colleague, and understand that before I endorsed John, I talked to Mike, as I talked to my other colleagues who were in the race, or thinking about it. Mike and all my friends know it and understand it. It isn’t who you're with, it isn’t a battle. This election is an opportunity for Boston. Mike has done some wonderful work. Rob (Consalvo) has done some wonderful work. Felix (Arroyo) and I are working on two issues with composting and urban farms. We’ve all worked well together and they’re all people I respect and have enormous regard for. This isn’t a battle. This is really an opportunity.

Patch: Is it a downtown Boston versus Parkway thing?

O'Malley: Not at all. The beauty of this election is this isn’t neighborhoods being pitted against each other. All of these men, and I hope some women to be in as a candidate, will all offer their platform and vision for the entire city, all 254 precentins, all 22 wards. And the next mayor of Boston will have to articulate their vision of Boston for all of us, regardless of neighborhood.

Patch: What about Rob Consalvo? He brought ShotSpotter to Boston? He’s pretty good at basketball and tennis, are you worried he’ll ask you to play and then just kill it?

O'Malley: Kill it?

Patch: Yeah, be awesome.

O'Malley: He is a great athlete and Rob’s another person - I think Rob Consalvo has done a lot of good things. He has an incredibly dry sense of humor, we often crack each other up. We have worked very well together considering our two districts neighbor each other. I’m glad he’s running and he’ll be a great candidate. I’m supporting John (Connolly) because I think he is what we need right now.

Patch: So if John Connolly and Michael Ross were falling off a cliff and you could only save one – you’d save Connolly?

O'Malley: I would save them both and sacrifice myself, if that is an option.

Patch: I’m not saying who I’m going to vote for as a resident, but personally, I don’t think I could save Connolly because he’s a big guy, seriously, he’s like 6’ 4” and Ross is smaller in stature, probably under 6’.

O'Malley: Connolly? 6' 4”? He’s not 6’ 4”.

Patch: He's over 6'.

O'Malley: I would think so.

Patch: And Ross?

O'Malley: He might just be 6’. To answer the question, if Connolly is the tallest of the candidates, I would say that is an accurate statement.

Patch: Possibly making it harder to save him?

O'Malley: I’m not saying that.

Patch: So what if you had to push one of them off a cliff? Connolly or Ross? That’s not the same is it?

O'Malley: I would again sacrifice myself. I'd like to point out that tomorrow at 10 a.m. I’m having a root canal.

Patch: You know if it were based on food ethnicities, which one would you take? Hands down I’d go with Arroyo because he’s Latin and my wife has really gotten me into Latin food.

O'Malley: (Laughs) Based on food ethnicities? Alright, ideally I would love to have a picnic at Millennium Park and invite Felix (Arroyo), John (Connolly), Rob (Consalvo) and Michael (Ross), and they'd all bring a dish and I will bring my Matt O'Malley reusable water bottle, and be in charge of drinks, with delicious tap water from the city of Boston, and we will all break bread as friends and colleagues afterwards.

Patch: You know how the next mayor is going to get “That’s not how Menino…” – what do you think former District 6 City Councilor John Tobin would do if faced with saving one of the aforementioned candidates going over a cliff?

O'Malley: I think unfortunately, both candidates would plummet because John would be telling a very funny joke as the leadup to this conversation, which I am incapable of doing.

Patch: So to recap?

O'Malley: I do endorse John Connolly. I think he will be a great mayor, I am proud of my friends and colleagues who are also running. This election will be great for the city, each candidate can, and will articulate their own vision, platform and experiences, and the city of Boston, that we all love, will be better for it. 

Angela Wang April 12, 2013 at 03:38 PM
Thank you David Ertischek and Matt O'Malley for making me laugh, because I'm still upset that so many guys are running and the voters really have their work cut out for them. Now I'm going to read the interview again....


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