Jamaica Plain Supports Assisted Suicide, Medical Pot More Strongly Than Rest of State

Jamaica Plain voted more strongly in favor of physician assisted suicide and medical marijuana than the state as a whole.

While state-wide the ballot measure to allow physician assisted suicide appears to have failed, JP voters would have approved it.

State-wide the numbers ran about 51-49 for and against Ballot Question 2. But in JP, support for what supporters call "death with dignity" reached 63 percent.

On the medical marijuana front, more JP residents just said yes than in the rest of the Bay State. State-wide the measure passed with about 63 percent in favor. Jamaica Plain said yes at a 79 percent clip.

Ballot Questions:

Ballot Questions JP % Yes JP % No State % Yes State % No Question 1: Right to Repair 89
85 15 Question 2: Assisted Suicide 63
49 51 Question 3: Medical Marijuana 79
63 37


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