Governor Deval Patrick, Mayor Thomas Menino to Speak at Democratic Convention

At least four high-profile Massachusetts politicians will address delegates in North Carolina next week.

Massachusetts' former governor, Mitt Romney, touted his record in his the keynote address of the Republican National Convention Thursday, but next week Gov. Deval Patrick will likely air his view of his predecessor's term.

Patrick is expected to speak on Tuesday, the first night of the convention.

And he isn't the only high-profile Massachusetts politician expected to criticize Romney at the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte. Mayor Thomas Menino is scheduled to speak Wednesday, according to the Boston Globe.

Two other Massachusetts politicans with national profiles, former presidential candidate Sen. John Kerry and senatorial candidate Elizabeth Warren, are also slotted to take the stage in Charlotte this week.

Out in the crowd will be several delegates with ties to Jamaica Plain, including City Councilor Felix Arroyo, who lives on Wachusett Street; State Rep. Jeffrey Sánchez, whose district includes JP and Kristie Helms, who is blogging about the convention from her Web site.

Megaphone Hammer September 04, 2012 at 04:47 PM
I hope that someone in the Massachusetts Delegation will speak to the fact that in 2005 Mitt Romney wrote/sponsored/was responsible for the bill to reinstate the Death Penalty in Mass. The bill that became known as the Platinum Standard Death Penalty Bill, a phrase that Mitt himself coined, was debated, and defeated in the legislature. No one is talking about this, press is not bringing it up in their overview or history of Romney as the Massachusetts Governor. No one is asking about his current position with respect to state sponsored murder! An eye for an eye never solves anything and it's been proved that the death penalty is no deterrent to heinous crime. DNA has proven many on death row innocent, and unfortunately in some cases after the execution has taken place. The vast majority of people on death row are persons of color, the mentally infirm or with very low IQs, or those with backgrounds so filled with abuse, poverty and self-abuse that they are barely mentally competent. State sponsored execution is barbaric, most nations in the world agree and don't have such laws. You have to question a person who claims to be of superior moral character, an organized religion adherent who not only supports the death penalty, but actively sought to have it reinstated in Massachusetts by actually writing and sponsoring a bill that was strongly opposed by the vast majority of the citizenry!....
Megaphone Hammer September 04, 2012 at 04:51 PM
...and just like Mitt's support of the Death Penalty bill no one is questioning Mitt's assertion that he made the Mass schools best in nation, funny how many Community Colleges' have to provide developmental studies before students can even begin to take college level courses because they are functionally illiterate coming out of these same schools!!!????? So our taxes pay for secondary education only to have to pay again at the pre-college level to get kids up to speed! And most of them are coming out of the inept Boston School system and Mumbles, past his expiration date, who has sold out the citizenry of Boston to big business and developers, panders to the police union, while our public services get worse, (schools, roads, pot holes, street lamps never replaced, higher taxes annually since he's been elected for life) gets to indecipherably speak with that lolling tongue at the DNC!


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