Countdown Clocks Debut at South Station — Would Eventually Come to All Subway Lines Except Green Line

Electronic boards tell riders at South Station when the next train will arrive. The program will be rolled out slowly to all branches except the Green Line.

Finally, Boston subway riders will know at a glance when the next train is coming.

The MBTA flipped the switch Wednesday morning on experimental signs at South Station which indicate when the next train is expected. If all goes well, the signs would be put into service at Park Street later in August and Downtown Crossing in September. That's according to a Boston Globe report on the pilot program. Eventually, all stations in the system would get the signs.

There's one big caveat though: The Green Line won't have the countdown clocks because of its old tracking system, the Globe reports.

There are smart phone apps that predict when buses and trains will show up, but Boston is behind New York, Chicago, London and Washington, D.C. in having platform signs to alert riders how long a wait to expect.

Read the full story on the countdown clocks at the Boston Globe.


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