COMMENT: Fine Property Managers of Noisy Apartments, Not Just Landlords

This week's story about possible fines for landlords got one JP resident thinking about other solutions — like fining management companies that don't fix noise problems.

The most-read article on JP Patch so far this week is a piece about the city .

JP resident says the city is "fairly responsive" about complaints for un-neighborly behavior. But he urged the city to fine property managers too.

The properties are so poorly maintained that they only attract grungy college kids who are not going to care, because the property is in such terrible condition even though the rents are up there. The city needs to fine the owners AND their management company, separately each time the police are called out.

When the fines start to add up, the property owners will be more selective. Some times, the owners do not even know there is a problem, because the complaints go to their lazy managers and that manager will not tell the owner, since it would be saying "we are bad managers and that is why you are getting fines" but if the manager AND the owner got fines, then and only then will the problems start to go away.

Another resident said there are enough laws already, and we don't need further fines and rules.

What's your take on reducing late-night noise and unruliness?

Chris Helms August 07, 2012 at 06:25 PM
We live on Weld Hill Street and it's usually quiet enough for me — I like city living. But sometimes residents behind us do have loud parties into the night. I've had mixed success asking them to be more neighborly and keep it down. Some (maybe most) groups were happy to tone it down or take their party inside if asked. One summer several years ago, though, there was a group that liked to screen movies on a sheet strung in the backyard. Loud movies. I asked nicely several times for them to quiet down and got a nice collection of beer bottles thrown in my backyard.
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