Can You Fix The T's Budget? Try the MBTA Budget Calculator

A new webpage from the Metropolitan Area Planning Council invites you to show you how you would fill in the budget gap.

To fill a $161 million defecit in their budget, the , and the . Many observers say that the solution will be a combination of those methods. Do you think you can solve it?

The Metropolitan Area Planning Council (MAPC) created a webpage to calculate the effects of different combinations of options on that looming $161 million budget. With their MBTA Budget Calculator, you can pick and choose the options and make your own proposal.

Each available option describes what impact it would have. For example, the check box for "Increase an average of 10 percent" includes a mouse-over "Details" panel listing what those fares would be.

Once complete, you can submit your proposal to the MAPC, e-mail it to legislators, and share the calculator with your friends. 

Follow the link to the MBTA Budget Calculator.

Try the calculator out, then let us know what you find. What would you cut? What would you keep? Use the calculator, and post some of your suggestions on how to solve the budget gap in the comments. 

Ronald Pitt May 18, 2012 at 11:46 AM
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