Bosses Fired, Resign Over Jamaica Plain Evidence Lab Scandal

More shoes dropped Thursday in the unfolding scandal at the South Street lab, where a chemist may have mishandled as many as 34,000 drug cases.

The scandal at the shuttered State Labs on South Street widened Thursday as the lab direct resigned and a supervisor was fired.

Lab director Dr. Linda Han resigned and Julie Nassif, director of the analytic chemistry division, was fired, according to reports in the Globe and Herald.

It's the latest twist in an episode that could overturn an untold number of drug convictions. A chemist, Annie Dookhan, mishandled evidence in as many as 34,000 drug cases. She had resigned before of investigations into her conduct.

. Drugs samples are now being processed at the State Police lab in Sudbury.

For more on the latest developments, please see the Globe and Herald.



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