Rider Was on Stolen Scooter During Sumner Hill Police Chase

Police confirm that a 26-year-old Mattapan man was arrested and charged with stealing a scooter. The chase alarmed Sumner Hill residents on Sunday.

A police chase that alarmed Sumner Hill residents on Sunday came about as cops pursued a man on a stolen scooter.

Police say they were chasing a man suspected of stealing a scooter. At first the chase was with police cruisers. At times, residents told JP Patch, the chase went the wrong way down JP streets.

After the suspect ditched the scooter on Revere Street, the chase continued on foot.

Police arrested a 26-year-old Mattapan man, whom they did not name, and charged with with theft of the scooter.

The incident happened about 4:30 p.m. on Sunday. Witnesses saw a young man bail out of the scooter when a car blocked his way between two moving vans.

"I happened to be looking out my window," said Revere Street resident . "I saw a kid on a motor scooter race up our street, and dump the scooter right behind the moving trucks, and ran down the street as cop cars with flashing lights roared up and went on a foot chase."

Vallance is a regional editor for Patch.

According to scanner traffic reported by @alertnewengland, police chased someone wearing all black as he hopped fences toward Green Street. A suspect was arrested at 95 Green St. and a police dog was brought in to search for evidence the person might have thrown away as he ran.


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