GLOBE: First Convict Freed as Result of Scandal at Jamaica Plain Drug Lab

A day after the head of the state's Department of Public Health resigned over a "rogue chemist" who may have tainted evidence in thousands of cases, a confessed drug dealer is going free.

The first of what could be thousands of convicted drug dealers is going free as a result of the evidence-tainting scandal at the State Labs in JP.

The Globe reports that David Danielli will be released two and a half years before his sentence is up. He had pleaded guilty. He will be returned to the status of someone accused of a crime but not guilty of it.

Chemist Annie Dookhan allegedly doctored or otherwise tainted up to 60,000 drug samples in 34,000 cases. She resigned before the scandal became public.

For more details on this major turn in the State Labs scandal, please visit the Boston Globe. [Subscription may be required.]


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