Crack Dealer Re-Arrested in Drug Lab Crisis

Louis Anthony Williams is the fifth convict to be arrested on new charges after being released.

Another released criminal originally convicted on drug charges has been arrested for supplying crack cocaine to a drug dealer.

Louis Anthony Williams, 30, faced a charge of distributing a class B substance in Boston Municipal Court Tuesday, according to Suffolk District Attorney Press Secretary Jake Wark in a press statement.

Rayshawn Morris, 37, of Jamaica Plain led Plainclothes officers to Williams in the area of Tufts Medical Center Saturday after he told them he could obtain drugs for them, according to the statement. Morris contacted Williams using an officer’s cell phone. He then walked the officers to the area of Washington Street and William E. Mullins Way, where he handed Williams $50 in “pre-marked buy money,” according to the statement.

Williams handed Morris three bags of crack cocaine, which police field tested to confirm. Both men were arrested.

Williams had been serving a five-year sentence following a 2011 drug distribution conviction, but a judge stayed his sentence on Oct. 22 because Annie Dookhan, the Hinton Drug Lab chemist at the center of an investigation, tested evidence in the case.

Williams had been convicted on four prior drug distribution charges, according to the statement.

Williams is the fifth convict to be arrested in Suffolk County on new charges following release in the drug lab scandal.

Williams and Morris are due back in court Jan. 10.


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