Chemist in JP Drug Lab Scandal Told Investigators 'I Messed Up Bad'

According to a State Police report obtained by the Globe, the chemist at the center of a scandal that may overturn thousands of drug convictions admitted to tainting evidence.

The chemist suspected of doctoring drug evidence — and putting thousands of convictions in jeopardy — allegedly told investigators she "messed up bad."

In the State Police report, obtained by the Globe, lab chemist Annie Dookhan is said to admit to taking out samples when she shouldn't have, forging other chemists' signatures and not doing tests properly.

The revelation of the police report came Wednesday in a fast-moving scandal. It emerged Tuesday that Annie Dookhan, whose actions may have tainted 34,000 drug cases, appears to have lied in court by claiming a master's degree in chemistry.

Convicted criminals have begun to be freed in cases where Dookhan's evidence was used. So far, the state has identified 1,141 inmates whose convictions were based on evidence handled by Dookhan, the Globe reported.

State Police say the release of the report obtained by the Globe was not authorized.

"The report was written by ranking State Police troopers assigned to the state Attorney General’s Office and to the State Police Forensic Services Group," said State Police spokesman David Procopio. "Please note that the Massachusetts State Police did not provide the report to the outlet that has obtained it, and as a rule, we would not release an evidentiary report at this stage of any ongoing criminal investigation. As such, we will not release this report. The investigation into potential criminal acts committed by the chemist is ongoing."

Dookhan has not been charged with any crime. She resigned from the lab in March.

For more on the what is in the police report, please visit the Globe.


Follow all the news about the scandal at Jamaica Plain's State Drug Lab at our "Annie Dookhan" topic page.




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