Share Your Holiday Rituals

This week the JP Patch Moms Council discusses the holiday rituals in their homes.

Each week the Moms Council discusses a parenting topic. This week Mary Hannon gets us started talking about our families' holiday rituals.


: I didn't expect to have rituals, but if the kids wanted it to be the same as the previous year, things started becoming rituals.

We celebrate Christmas and for our family music and food are a big part of the holiday. We began collecting unusual Christmas albums that we play in the morning as we stumble in the pre-dawn dark. We have album covers staged above the doorway and windows in the living room where the tree is and we keep the music flowing.

I always made an effort to add something new to the breakfast table and made sure to decorate the night before so that we woke up to a festive house. The exciting menu of homemade waffles, strawberries, maple syrup and whip cream are part of the festivities.

The children are much older now but they anticipate with excitement some of the rituals we created together as a family. I didn't expect to have rituals, but what happened was we did something and then the kids asked if we were going to do it again. They decided when something was going to continue, it was through their desire to have the same as last year,  that we created the ritual. 

Deb Nam-Krane December 15, 2011 at 01:38 PM
We celebrate Chanukah, not Christmas. We've tried very hard not to make Chanukah a Jewish Christmas and instead to emphasize fun traditions. Of course, the most fun are the latkes- I'd like to thank my Jewish forebears for making deep-frying foods such an important part of the holiday and whomever decided that you couldn't eat potato pancakes without (vegan) sour cream and applesauce. My children also love the dreidl game, and it's even more fun when you start betting with gelt- chocolate gelt, that is. Now if they could just be convinced that they didn't need a present every night of the holiday, we'd be all set.


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