Comments of the Week on JP Patch

Here is some of what neighbors are saying about the week's news.

Some of the most impassioned comments on JP Patch this week came in response to the scandal at the State Drug Lab in JP.

And this was all in the interest of JUSTICE. This was plain EVIL. Hold her accountable. Add up the total time handed out to others in sentencing and that's the time she should be doing. Better yet, put her on the prison yard with all those (men & women) convicted by the false evidence and let JUSTICE be served.

Community opposition to plans for a 196-unit apartment complex to replace the Home for Little Wanderers on South Huntington drew this well-reasoned response:

There is some kind of fundamental contradiction in simultaneously restricting the development of buildings which increase the number of units per acre of land and the high cost of living in JP. If you want the average cost of housing to go down, you need more of it. Measures which limit the number of units that can be added in a given development have a direct, upward effect on property values. The fact that there are so many such restrictions in place across the city is arguably one of the reasons why Boston is such an expensive place to live.

This week we saw cooler temperatures and asked when people turned their heat on.

Last winter my wife and I did not turn our heat on once! This year we're going to hold out as long as we can, but expect to turn it on at some point since we have a new puppy.


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