Help a Single Mom Fund Jojo the Dachshund's Surgery

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Desiree Artu has set up a GoFundMe.com page for Jojo, her dachshund who recently required surgery for a ruptured disc.

The page, titled Jojo needs your help, was set up on Jan. 14, to help the family pay for the $6,000 surgery. So far, 36 people have donated a total of $2,925.

Desiree Artu explains Jojo's story:

Jojo is a very special dog to me. I initially found Jojo on Petfinder and her profile was marked urgent since the shelter she was in was severely overcrowded. Her owners had to surrender her because they had 20+ dachshunds and were facing eviction. Jojo came into my life when I needed her most. Her rambunctious and lively spirit has filled my life with joy and deepened my commitment to helping other animals find their forever homes too. 

Sadly, this week her lively spirit was shadowed with a ruptured disc - the worst diagnosis for a doxie - nearly leaving her paralyzed. I quickly was able to get her into emergency surgery on Tuesday morning, but unfortunately there were complications. During the surgery her heart began to fail and her blood pressure dropped dangerously. Thankfully they were able to complete the surgery, but now she is in intensive unit care for several days and she will have to see a cardiologist for potential heart damage. 

The MSPCA Agnell has the most advanced life-saving technology, but that comes with a 4-digit price tag. Being a single mom with a kid in college, 4 other rescued doxies and a mortgage on my shoulders I am at a loss for how I am going cover these expenses. It is for this reason I am asking for your help. 

ANYTHING you can do will help! I am offering haircuts for donations over $50 and cut and colors for donations over $100. 

Please help me rescue Jojo one more time! 

On Monday, Jan. 27, the page was updated with the following:

Jojo got her stitches out today, :0) she is progressing well, we have 4 more weeks of crate rest. more pics to come soon
fp January 30, 2014 at 08:12 AM
sick misallocation of funds! how many drone crippled afgan children could be treated with $6000 in outrageous charges by ripoff angell animal hospital!


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