'No Dogs Allowed' Signs Spring Up at Forest Hills Park

The playground, picnic area and basketball courts at Parkman Park in Forest Hills have new signs forbidding dogs.

In the last week, "no dogs allowed" signs have sprung up at a Forest Hills park that is popular with dog owners.

The signs don't cordon off the whole park — just the playground, picnic area and basketball court at Parkman Park. The usual signs indicating dogs must be leashed are at the park's two fields.

The park is one of JP's unofficial dog parks, where mornings and afternoons you'll usually find dogs cavorting (mostly off-leash) in the park. The playground, picnic and basketball areas are also a much-used cut-through by dog owners going from the park's fields to the adjoining gap in the fence to Forest Hills Cemetery.

[Full disclosure — Molly, the official dog of JP Patch, is one of the dogs you'll often see off leash on the fields or cutting through the picnic area.]

What do you think of the new signs? Is keeping dogs off playgrounds especially important because they may do their business there?

Greg Perchik October 05, 2012 at 12:29 PM
I was there the other day and this one woman was not very pleased over my dog being off leash, even threatened to call the cops. I moved to JP because I had always heard that it was dog friendly neighborhood and I still believe it is, but if that's the case then non-dog owners and dog owners need to come together to develop and create a more formal and established dog park in the sections of JP so people like myself don't have to fear and worry about other people calling the cops for letting our dogs enjoy some open space.
Mary Ellen Schuster October 05, 2012 at 08:10 PM
I own two dogs and we walk in the Forest Hills Cemetery almost every morning. I understand and agree with the "no dog" signs. Many owners who cut through the Match School parking lot in the morning have little regard for the children getting off the school buses; walking their dogs too close to the children and even right through the lines of children filing through the parking lot to the school. We rarely use the ball field, only when no one else is there. Just two weeks ago, I was knocked down and injured by an off leash dog. My dogs have been bitten, jumped on, and harrassed by off leash dogs. ALL dogs, no matter the breed, size, age, require some level of training. As dog owners, it is our responsibility to ensure that our dogs are safe, good neighbors. We teach our children manners and proper behavior, why not our dogs?
Sylvia October 09, 2012 at 09:56 AM
I do not agree with the new signs. I live on Wachusett St. & walk my dog in & near that park daily. I am dismayed that there was no attempt to engage neighbors in the decision. What are parents who own dogs to do now? Take their children & animals on outings separately? I can go to a restaurant & bring my dog if we sit outside, but I can't have a sandwich at my local park with him?


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