Do You Feel Safe Riding The T?

A national organization of state transportation officials awarded the Massachusetts DOT with a high safety honor for highways, but does MBTA need to make the T safer?

The Massachusetts Department of Transportation is now nationally recognized for higway safety leadership after receiving an award Tuesday.

The American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials has given MassDOT its 2012 Safety Leadership Award for “taking significant action” in reducing highway fatalities an injuries, according to a MassDOT statement.

While the organization was recognized for highway safety, its public transportation sector experienced two negative incidents last week. A Green Line trolley collided with another trolley at Boylston Street Station last week sending passengers flying, and police are still searching for a man who struck a trolley operator at Fenway Station on Sunday.

Do you feel MassDOT is doing enough to keep the MBTA's trolley and other subway lines safe? Do you feel safe riding the T and MBTA buses? Tell us in the comments.

Liam Sullivan December 05, 2012 at 04:07 PM
Yes, I feel safe on the T. Deaths and injuries on public transportation are exceedingly rare. By comparison automobile collisions are responsible for thousands of deaths and millions of injuries. In 2004, there were 42,636 deaths in automobile crashes in the US (476 in Massachusetts) and nearly 3 million injuries nationwide (5,554 in Massachusetts). While it's important for the MBTA to maintain the highest safety standards its also important for media outlets like the Patch to not sensationalize public transit crashes while virtually ignoring the daily carnage on the roads.


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