Kilts, Music and More

Five Things You Need To Know Today, June 22.

1. A Scottish Party: is celebrating its second anniversary this week. Tonight, put on something plaid to enjoy Kilt Night and a screening of "Trainspotting."

2. Music: If you like your music live and loud, get to the at 8 p.m.. The evening is filled with punk and hardcore music from A Minor Revolution, Rebel, Inc., The McGunks and Condition Oakland.

3. Some Pictures of the Infinite: Josiah McElheny has a 15-year art career under his belt and the ICA has a wide variety of his work on display. This exhibit explores McElheny’s questions about history, time, space and design.

4. Mr. Madison’s War: The War of 1812 divided the Commonwealth amongst political lines. This exhibit at the Massachusetts Historical Society will highlight the controversial war through letters, artifacts and images. Come celebrate the bicentennial of the war and read up on our history. Hours are from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. 

5. Screening of "All Ages: The Boston Hardcore Film": Explore the late '80's Boston Hardcore Punk Rock scene in this film for a glimpse into the energetic DIY scene in Boston. There might be some loud music and a few dirty words thrown araound, but if that doesn't bother you, swing by The West End Museum at 8 p.m. Costs $10 plus a $2 processing fee.  


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