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Have You Seen The Bald Eagle at the Pond?

One JP bird watcher did on Monday.

Though it’s a major urban center, Jamaica Plain is home to acres of woods and one standing waterway. There’s no surprise when wildlife is spotted from time to time.

One birdwatcher claims to have seen a bald eagle at the Jamaica Pond Monday afternoon.

Andrew Joslin, on The Birding Lists Digest, wrote: 

“An adult bald eagle is hanging around the pond this early afternoon. 
Perched for awhile in the big sycamore on the Perkins St./Parkman Drive 
side of the pond.”

Joslin said the bird pounded on a large flock of coot, a type of water bird.

Have you seen the bald eagle at the pond? (If so, and you have a photo, upload it here!)


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