Bike or T: Which Do You Prefer?

The Hubway is closing for the winter, but with a new Jamaica Plain-based station in the future, will you side with Boston's latest mode of transportation?

Jamaica Plain is a bike-oriented community, and though many own their own bicycles, a city-run Hubway station could be in the neighborhood's future.

Kris Carter, interim director for Boston Bikes, told the Jamaica Plain Business and Professional Association Nov. 14 that with sponsorship, JP could have a bike share station in its future.

“Everyone knows the easiest way to travel on Centre Street and not have to worry about parking is on a bike,” he said.

However, Jamaica Plain already is home to an often-used MBTA Orange Line stop at Forest Hills.

Carter said the city was looking at Hyde Square or Jackson Square as possible locations for a Hubway station in the future, but if you're not interested in cycling around town, maybe you prefer the T, which is this week's question...

Which do you prefer: Riding a bike or taking the T? Leave your answers in the comments.

Mark Angney November 26, 2012 at 08:20 PM
A no-brainer: The T: Most cyclist in JP are the rudest, roughest, and most rule-ignoring fools around. They (many, many helmet-less!) ride on sidewalks, don't stop at lined crosswalks, run red lights, go the wrong way one one-ways, have kids (even pets!) on handlebars, ride at night with no lights . . .. and then flip you a rigid digit when you shout your dismay. And all these cover observations of men. women, kids, geezers, et. aI. Why, last week I saw one dude hitching onto the grip on the rear of a truck going down Centre . . . and you bet I dialed the ol' 911 on that one! Hey--and don't get me even STARTED on skateboarding tatterdemalians. * *Look it up!
mazugrin November 27, 2012 at 02:37 AM
I totally agree Mark! Thank goodness for the car drivers - all of whom unfailingly drive the speed limit and yield to all pedestrians in the crosswalks. Otherwise the roads would be a nightmare!


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