Whole Foods Installs Seating at Their Jamaica Plain Store

Some community members had argued against the grocer adding seats, saying it would put pressure on locally-owned restaurants nearby.

on Monday added long-awaited seating to their Hyde Square grocery store.

"Our most asked for community request has been answered... Our seating is here!" Tweeted Jennifer Licht, marketing team leader and community liaison for the 413 Centre St. store.

That means that patrons are now able to eat prepared foods at tables inside and outside the store.

Some in the community had opposed the move, by causing competition.

But Whole Foods and its supporters said the grocer was responding to customer demand — and that consuming take-out items from a grocery store wouldn't compete with nearby eateries.

"We don't think we'll be competing," Whole Foods' attorney, Mike Scott, told the License Board in June. He noted that the store has put up a board displaying where local restaurants are and highlighting their menus.

Whole Foods' is adding .

ann merritt September 11, 2012 at 02:29 AM
Great! I go to WF specifically for the food items that they have and I'm tired of sitting on the ground in the parking lot. It's nice to have a chair to sit on. It's nonsense about taking business away from local eateries. Provide the food I want in a pleasant setting at reasonable cost and I'll patronize your establishment, if you don't , I won't go there and stop whining. I have money and I know what I want , and WF has what I want. Take a lesson .
Rich P September 11, 2012 at 02:01 PM
Brilliant comment Ann! Whole foods is way too nice to all the whiners - I know of no other business that posts the menus of their competition! I am sure the looney tooners will find fault with that too.
MMRosenthal September 13, 2012 at 01:56 PM
Can I ask why anyone wants to eat in parking lots or restaurants next to bus stops ? Does the smell of car exhaust enhance the flavor of the dining experience ? With Jamaica Pond close by, why does anyone want to read license plates while they eat? And while I'm on a roll, is Whole Foods is really as PC as everyone alleged while they moved in ? I think WF should change the entire arrangement of their parking lot, so that only electric cars can park near outdoor diners. Maybe they should change the whole parking lot to electric or energy efficient cars and make all other shoppers park off site. And while critics are at it, has anyone tested the parking lot to see if the friction of tires on the asphalt is releasing any dangerous chemicals for diners. I'm sure the outdoor diners want to be as safe as the inside shoppers. Now I am wondering if Whole Foods could build an enormous bubble over the parking lot to keep the "bad air" out... With Jamaica Pond and the Emerald Necklace close by, why does anyone want to stare at shopping carts and the back ends of cars while they eat ? Wouldn't conversation and reading be more enjoyable almost anywhere else; including the neighboring restaurants ? Uh oh, some readers are not going to recognize or like humor at the expense of the PC population in JP. But come on folks, the truth is that Whole Foods has enhanced, not harmed the community. And their outdoor seating does not present any threat to the surrounding restaurants.


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