The Community Spoke! Accepting Donations Following Burglary

The local bike repair co-op has posted a Pay Pal account and is taking donations to replace stolen items.

The Community Spoke! is accepting donations to replace tools stolen in a burglary last week.

A link to a Pay Pal account appeared in a post on the co-op's website Nov. 17.

"We are always in need of cash, but donations of parts, tools, and volunteer time are every bit as valuable," the post says.

The shop, located at 10 Boylston Place, was forced to close after several items were stolen in a Nov. 13 incident.

Organizers of The Community Spoke! have said they do not want police involvement in the incident, and have accused the media of “sensationalizing” the incident by mistakenly referring to it as a robbery as opposed to a burglary.

The co-op says it’s unsure how it will accept non-monetary donations, but will continue to update its blog with relevant information.

Bob from JP November 19, 2012 at 06:06 PM
No thanks. Given the rhetoric displayed by members of this collective on the Patch and elsewhere, they aren't getting any of my $.
Alex Drexler November 19, 2012 at 09:04 PM
Bob, As far as I know, no members of The Community Spoke! have been active in the comment wars in response to our unexpected publicity. There have been no posts by TCS! collective members other than myself on Patch. We cater to a diverse group and our main mission is to repair bicycles. Some have certainly viewed our statement regarding the police as inflammatory, but we've made a point not to engage in any debate about our views. Take it or leave it, we stand by what we believe in and understand that others will do the same. PS Thank you Bret for correcting the original article.


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