Nabisco Pressures J.P. Licks to Stop Using Word 'Oreo'

The company that owns Oreo has demanded that J.P. Licks stop using the trademarked term.

Nabisco has sent a letter to J.P. Licks owner Vincent Petryk asking that the local ice cream company stop using the word "Oreo" in Oreo Cookie Dough ice cream and frozen yogurt, according to the Boston Globe.

The Jamaica Plain-based company will either have to stop using the word or pay Mondelez International, which owns the cookie brand.

Read more at bostonglobe.com.
yogasong January 24, 2014 at 08:08 AM
Corporate bullying behemoths. A certain hook and loop closure beginning with the letter V behaves much the same way even when it is their own product being used. It's not enough to be buying and using their product, no, they want a licensing agreement (read: more money) on top of it. Pfft.


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