Let's Meet for Lunch at Whole Foods — Grocer Gains City Approval to Add Seating

Whole Foods won the city's approval to add 38 seats to its Hyde Square location. Patrons will be able to eat prepared foods bought at the store.

The city's Licensing Board has granted a license to add seating to their Hyde Square grocery store.

That means that patrons will, once the seats are put in place, be able to eat prepared foods at tables inside and outside the store.

Some in the community had opposed the move, testifying to the License Board that it might hurt locally-owned restaurants by causing competition.

But Whole Foods and its supporters said the grocer was responding to customer demand — and that consuming take-out items from a grocery store wouldn't compete with nearby eateries.

"We don't think we'll be competing," Whole Foods' attorney, Mike Scott, told the License Board on Wednesday. He noted that the store has put up a board displaying where local restaurants are and highlighting their menus.

Whole Foods' will add . Patch has reached out to Whole Foods to find out when the seating will be put in place.

Bob from JP June 22, 2012 at 11:04 PM
It always amazes me how quickly "progressives" start bleating about how the neighborhood has changed, how the good old days are gone, etc, etc. What do you think all of the people who you were displacing when you moved here were saying?
Rich P July 02, 2012 at 02:46 PM
Joan, as a "knuckle dragger' I must agree with those who find your observations and comments unfair. Rather than repeat them, I'll just say , once again, that Gretchen, ( who I believe is an attorney and therefore formally trained in fair minded, reasonable thinking) has summed things up quite well. We still do live in a democracy where good people and good businesses should all be given an equal opportunity to join society free from emotion inspired bias. Like Gretchen, there are more times when I am referred to as a left of left .... such as when I opposed the Dominoes coming into Canary Sq, defending gay marriage, saving trees, advocating for alternative energy, saving historical buildings , promoting our JP open studios, etc. It seems that the 2 fringes in our 'new' democracy ( far right tea partiers and far left occupiers) want to run our country by emotion and not scientific facts. Personally, when I see science refuting what I 'felt' was true, I am quickly persuaded to change my opinion. The far right let's say in 'Southie' and the far left , let's say in JP, do not like when science, independent polls and fair minded centrists like our governor Deval Patrick and our President Barack Obama along with huge majorities go against the emotional views they have formulated based on a few anecdotal stories they heard. I am most puzzled when the left fringe accepts as fact some of these anecdotes without critically analyzing the layers under such stories.
Lynn July 18, 2012 at 10:23 PM
Rich, I'm rather surprised at your negative view of the Tea Party. Based on your past posts I would have tagged you as a proud member. Many vocal parties in this story employed black & white thinking, and we saw a profound lack of engaged unbiased community leaders. The democracy lost here was in part due to the vitriol on the side supporting big business/Whole Foods in Hyde Square, and it had an impact on on public discourse. I haven't posted yet on this matter to spare myself off-topic insults with no relation to the actual matter at hand (writing this I prepare to be called a loony, paranoid, or a socialist). This patch reads like a sophomoric high schooler's blog - or like reading a conservative talk radio fan giddily using the forum to show the world their own self-proclaimed expertise (in this case, expertise in consumerism and provision of free advertising to businesses who don't need freebies). I beg thee, remove thyself to Yelp. I can't help but point out the inaccurate use of the word paranoid- a person isn't considered paranoid if a belief system is based in reality. Follow the course of events and money here to see the community is bought. Those in more vocal opposition to the mass opinion expressed here likewise aren't paranoid, but perhaps fearful since clearly some folks out there (Rich) manage disagreement with robust insult, threat, and bully tactics. Finally Rich, please move on. Must you keep submitting new Whole Foods reviews in various online spots?
Lynn July 18, 2012 at 10:42 PM
Acknowledging that my post did return some feedback to Rich P (above), I would offer that folks may assume the worst about commenters here because many of the comments are hateful and rude.
Chris July 19, 2012 at 05:39 AM
Lynn, Each of the commenters here that wrote opposing Whole Foods’ request used a phrase to describe people they disagree with. Here’s one description from each of the three: “The rubber stamp committee at Hyde/Jackson Main Streets” “knuckle dragging, Howie Carr listening Neanderthals” “folks may assume the worst about commenters here” And by the way paranoid is an accurate term if the fears of conspiracy have no rational basis. I think it applies to what Ben wrote.


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