Jamaica Pond Association Rejects 196-Unit Apartment Building

The Jamaica Pond Association took a clear stance against a large apartment complex slated for the current Home for Little Wanderers site.

A developer's plans to raze the Home For Little Wanderers campus and put 196 apartment units there were roundly rejected by the Jamaica Pond Association.

The association's board of directors heard from Boston Residential Group Monday night at a meeting held in . The developers gave a short presentation about their plans for 161 S. Huntington.

The project would create an E-shaped building of five and four stories with parking beneath the edifice. Most units would be one-bedrooms of various sizes, aimed at appealing to the medical professionals who work in the Longwood area.

The association's board of directors made it clear they did not oppose a residential use for the property, but rather it was the size and design of the project, coupled with the short time frame given for any community input.

The association took two votes, both of them opposing the project.

Firstly, they voted 15-0, with one abstention, to support a demolition delay of 90 days. The Boston Landmarks Commission holds a at 6 p.m. in City Hall on this aspect of the project.

Secondly, they voted by the same margin to send a letter to the Boston Redevelopment Authority opposing the project. The deadline for comments being sent to the authority is Wednesday, May 16.

Residents who want to send their own comments about the project may do so to:

John Fitzgerald

Boston Redevelopment Authority

One City Hall Square, 9th Floor

Boston, MA 02201

Fax: 617-742-7783

Phone: 617-918-4267

Email: john.fitzgerald.bra@cityofboston.gov

Several association members also spoke of how the city is neglecting to consider the combined effect of the big project at 161 S. Huntington and another one of similar size (and greater height) proposed for 105 S. Huntington.

"The BRA has, admittedly, no long-term plan for this area," said association member Kevin Moloney. "We have this project of 196 units and a 10-story project. [The BRA is] not looking at these together and is without a long-range plan."

The public process could be over as soon as May 16 if the comments received are not judged by the Redevelopment Authority as meriting further review.

For details about the proposal for 161 S. Huntington, please see the Redevelopment Authority's Web site, which includes basic information, and links to the Project Notification Form, Letter of Intent and Supplemental Information File. The PDFs of these are attached to this post.


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