Is Litter a Problem on Centre Street?

JP Business and Professional Association member Carlos Icaza said the business community should look to clean up Centre Street.

The business professionals want to lead by example when it comes to street cleanup of Jamaica Plain’s most popular street.

Jamaica Plain Business and Professional Association member Carlos Icaza said he has looked into cleaning up litter along Centre Street at a Wednesday meeting of JP BAPA.

He added the worst litterers are the corporate-owned entities along Centre Street: Tedeschis, CVS and the banks.

BAPA President Brad Brown said along with communicating JP’s needs to the city of Boston, BAPA would provide owners with a dust pan and a broom as a way of sending a message.

“If you start policing your own couple of square feet, then it’s ‘monkey see, monkey do,’” Brown said. “We all start doing it, everybody will start doing it.”

Does Centre Street have a litter problem? If so, how would you clean it up?

Sheila White February 21, 2013 at 01:01 PM
A positive step. Congratulations. This groups has the right idea. Visit www.litterpreventionprogram.com to find a site devoted exclusively to the issues of littering and litter. Sign up for our free, content-rich newsletter. Our goal is to reduce the rate of littering. Through the Litter Prevention Program, we change littering behaviors. Feel free to contact us for info, advice and expertise.
Sarah Freeman February 21, 2013 at 01:28 PM
Yes, I think litter is a problem here. Thank you to Carlos for pointing out the problem and to BAPA for providing brooms & dust pans. I grew up in a small town (not much litter),but when we went to visit relatives in New Yowk City, we often saw people sweeping in front of businesses - the sidewalks looked good, and it demonstrated a sense of pride in their business and their community AND respect for their customers & pedestrians. Of course, if people didn't litter, there would be less need for sweeping!
Hank Marvin February 21, 2013 at 02:17 PM
It could be much worse, but it could certainly be better. Great for small business owners to be taking the initiative! In Philly, among other programs there was an initiative where merchants had a little sticker on their window that read "I Pledge to Keep My Sidewalk Clean". While I think these merchants tidied their sidewalks before the program, having the sticker was a mark of pride and I think made passers by think before they littered, or stop to pick something up and put it in the rubbish bin - because they were reminded that Sue at the cleaners or Mr Kim at the grocers were working hard to make sure that the neighborhood - our neighborhood - was a clean and pleasant place to be. (Boston overall might benefit from looking at the model of Philadelphia's Center City Redevelopment Corporation. I think there are some elements of their efforts that would be great for the city and its businesses)
Keep America Beautiful February 22, 2013 at 04:14 AM
Keep America Beautiful works with business, civic and government groups to address littering behavior. Individuals litter but businesses can make proper disposal easier through education, cleanup, containers, and options to littering like recycling and reuse. Visit www.kab.org for more information.
Marge Houy February 27, 2013 at 12:34 AM
I think that we need to all work together to change the culture in JP to one where littering just isn't ok. I would like to see neighborhood associations adopt areas in JP where litter is particularly bad and work with businesses, home owners, landlords and pedestrians to keep the areas clean.


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