BUSINESS NOTES: My Big Fat Greek Pizza Changes Name, Ownership

A Forest Hills pizza shop is under new management.

My Big Fat Greek Pizza has changed not just its name, but its ownership.

The Forest Hills pizza and sub shop recently became "Big Bites." I spoke briefly with the new owners the other day, who say the food will be better than at their predecessor's.

If you frequent that section of Forest Hills, you may have noticed the evolution of the signage. Before their new sign arrived, the new owners had removed "My," "Fat" and "Greek" to leave "Big Pizza."

Hat tip to Universal Hub, which pointed out the changes to a business I pass nearly every day! The UHub thread had some speculation that the trademark police might have been at work (though does anyone remember that movie?). It looks now like it was simply a change of ownership and name. 

[Editor's note: Business owners — If you have news to share with the community please email me. I aim to put together these "Business Notes" posts regularly.]


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