A Crafty Way to Get Away

Head to Colorwheel Collection in Roslindale to showcase your crafty side.

Each week, we’ll tell you about one great idea to give you a much deserved break, and make your life a little easier, maybe a whole lot easier and a bit more fun.

If you consider yourself a crafty person or have an interest in becoming one, but no skills as yet to speak of, consider checking out the events at Colorwheel Collection in Roslindale.

This week, Colorwheel Collection will be hosting a meetup of Crafty Ladies tonight, , March 3, for a "Crop Night."  For the uninitiated, that means a night of scrapbooking, card-making, and crafts made with paper.

Seasoned scrapbookers will be in good company and for those just interested in how to get started or what types of projects they can create through scrapbooking, this event is a great starting point. 

The crafting starts at 7 p.m. at the Colorwheel Collection store in Roslindale at 4266 Washington Street. It is a small store filled with many handmade works from local artisans from children's attire to bags, aprons, photo albums and more. The eye-candy alone may distract you (or inspire you) from your own crafts so much that you can't help but do some shopping.  

Lots of tools will be available for making shapes and letters as well as a variety of supplies available for purchase.  You can also bring your own supplies or projects if you are working on something. In addition, you'll also find encouragement, guidance and refreshments in a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

Cost is $3 but space is limited.  Contact Colorwheel Collection at 617-553-8275 or join the She's Crafty Boston Meetup group to reserve your spot.  

Even if you cannot make this date and event, there are many future crafty events in store for you like sewing, knitting, jewelry-making, and more at Colorwheel Collection that you will hear about first-hand if you join the group.


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