Booze Map of Boston Shows JP Isn't an Epicenter for Bars

Tim Wallace of Bostonography used a heat map to visualize the liquor licenses held in the Boston area, including JP.

While the number of JP watering holes is growing, we still aren't one of the city's epicenters for bars.

That's one thing that jumps out from Tim Wallace's amazing maps of liquor licenses and distance to liquor in the Boston area.

For a discussion of the methods and meanings of the maps, please visit Wallace's blog, Bostonography, which explains things much better than I can.

These maps are only for restaurants and bars holding liquor licenses. They do not include packies, convenience stores and grocery stories that sell alcohol.

Construction continues on JP's two newest bars/restaurants, Tonic and Napper Tandy's, which are being finished in the Forest Hills neighborhood.

For a quick guide to bars in JP, visit our Places listings for Nightlife. In our column, Jim Morgan writes about the specialties of JP's various watering holes.


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