JP Music: Vinyl and More at the JP Rocks and Rolls Fair

The second annual gathering of arts vendors features music products for both listeners and players

Jenn Hickey was noticing all sorts of annual Jamaica Plain events going on, from the Music Festival to this weekend's Open Studios. So the JP native decided to create one of her own. That goal led to last year’s JP Rocks and Rolls Record and Art Fair, which brought together a variety of arts-related vendors in one place. A longtime music lover – who happens to work at the Midway, often running the sound – Hickey hoped to have lots of used record dealers at last year’s fair. Part of the reason was because she believed that element would attract lots of people. Part was because she’s always looking to build up her own record collection.

“We had 30 vendors last year,” she said. “There were people selling stuffed animals and stationery and henna tattoos, and one guy was selling pinball machines. But we only had two people selling records. We’re hoping to have more this year. We already have two, but there’s still plenty of time to sign up.”

And the second annual JP Rocks and Rolls Record and Art Fair is just around the corner, set for Oct. 7, from noon-4p.m., at Spontaneous Celebrations (45 Danforth St.).


Lots of Vinyl

Making his debut as a record seller will be Sam Laviazar, who will bring along a bunch of vinyl.

“I’ll have a lot of techno stuff from the’90s and early-2000s,” said Laviazar. “I’ll also have some disco and funk from the ’80s, and probably some experimental records.”

He’ll be joined by his pal Chris Strunk who, Laviazar said, regularly sells records at events like this, and “will have a lot of punk and rock on vinyl.”

And though Hickey will likely have a few more record dealers signed up by Record and Art Fair day, she’s expanded her range of vendors to include items for people who make music, not just listen to it. She’s bringing in the folks from Stompbox Sonic, a “portable shop” that has no regular store front but travels around showing their wares.

“We specialize in effects pedals for musicians – like wah-wah pedals to get the classic Hendrix sound, or fuzz pedals to make the guitar sound dirty and distorted. We also have guitars, amps, and accessories,” said owner Adam Brilla. “We carry a lot of obscure stuff, and some high-end boutique equipment. I like to compare what we do to the trend of a lot of bars and pubs having craft beers – small local breweries using fresh and funky ingredients, and creating quality stuff. We like to seek out builders who are doing the same thing, who are getting away from mass-produced, make-it-as-cheaply-as-possible products.”

Brilla explained that the pedals can be combined in different ways to get different sounds.

“We’ll bring a bunch of them and let people try them out,” he said. “We want people to come in and be a kid in a candy store.”

That part of it could even lead to the realization of a dream Hickey has had since last year.

“We’d like to have live music at the fair,” she said. “We have the first and second floor available at Spontaneous Celebrations, and there’s a stage on the second floor. So it would be cool if we had some performing, and there’s a really good possibility it’ll happen this year.”

So does she have anyone in mind?

“Oh, it could be any kind of performing arts,” she said. “It could be music, it could be mime.”

What about doing a little shopping for herself?

“I’ll be looking for vinyl albums from the ’70s and ’80s,” she said.


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