Story of Jamaica Plain's Nummy the Bunny, Saved by MBTA Employees, Goes Viral

When T workers stopped a rush-hour Orange Line train to "rescue" the stuffed bunny of a Forest Hills 3-year-old, they might not have known their act of compassion would go viral. The story has been on dozens of news outlets, including the NBC Nightly News

It started small, with a blog post by Forest Hills resident Casey Carey-Brown. She told the heartwarming story of how her daughter's favorite stuffed animal, Nummy, fell onto the tracks at Green Street Station.

If you know Casey and her wife Michelle, though, you know they're not the kind to just shrug their shoulders and say "too bad."

They asked T personnel if there was anything they could do. Turns out there was. Flouting the stereotype of MBTA workers as time-card punchers who don't care about their riders, an extraordinary turn of events took place.

The customer service agent told the dispatcher about the stuffed animal. The dispatcher warned the train conductor. And the conductor stopped the train, during rush hour, hopped out and rescued Nummy. Three-year-old Roozle was elated.

We here at JP Patch were the on Wednesday night, followed closely by Universal Hub.

Then the flood gates opened.

TV news crews picked up the story Thursday afternoon. The Globe jumped in. So did the Herald. The Associated Press couldn't resist the story, with it popping up in places like Fort Wayne, Indiana.

Perhaps the crown jewel came Friday, as the NBC Nightly News did a segment on Roozle and her bunny.

Flip through the attached photo gallery to see the different news organizations that have picked up the story.

And next time you see Roozle and her family pedaling around JP on their bikes, pay proper respect. These are media superstars you're dealing with!


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