North End Residents Remember Mike Mercogliano

The owner of Mike's Pastry, located on Hanover Street, touched many people's lives.

Michael Mercogliano died on December 11.

The owner of Mike's Pastry for many years, "Mike" as he was called, will never be forgotten.

On Thursday, people in the North End spoke admiringly about the effect he had on their lives and all the Italian businesses in the Boston area.

Joe Candi, a resident of the North End his entire life, was standing on Hanover Street talking to friends.

"I knew Mike when he first started in the business," Joe said. "He was a good person."

Joe said it was at least 50 years that Mike was in the business.

Tony Pezzano, owner of Cafe Pompeii, located at 280 Hanover Street, also recalled Mike with fondness.

"Mike was a good man who took care of his family and built a fantastic business that was world know," Tony said.

Further down at 253 Hanover Street, Adriana DeStefano, owner of remembers Mike with love.

"I am the owner of one of the oldest cafe's in the North End," she said. "I knew Mike very well. And our fathers knew each other very well, too."

Mike was jovial, Adriana said.

"I remember when the pastry shop first introduced the 'lobster tails' -- a pastry filled with three or four types of cream," she said. "They were delicious."

As the years went by, Adriana said, other Italian businesses began introducing the lobster tails.

"From 1962-1980, Cafe Paradiso was located next door to Mike's Pastry," she said.

"We were open seven days a week and our families knew each other and talked to each other every day."

Whenever Adriana sees a member of Mike's family, she says hello.

Long-time friends never forget each other.

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LarryBoston December 14, 2012 at 09:24 PM
I hate to be negative, but good riddance! Mike's is nothing but a tourist trip selling mediocre pastries at gourmet prices. My son loved their pistachio macaroons - - there's no accounting for tastes, and when my wife tried to order them shipped, the online order failed, so she called the store, and they told her "bah-fungoo!" we don't take orders at the store. That was the LAST time we shopped at Mike's. Every real North-ender knows far, Far, FAR better alternatives to Mike's Pastries and Tourist Trap!
LarryBoston December 14, 2012 at 09:31 PM
The truth hurts -- Mike's Pastries, Antony's Pier 4, Jimmy's Harborside, Ken's Steakhouse -- once proud, now tourist raps
Susan Danseyar December 15, 2012 at 03:09 PM
Larry: We were not talking about the pastry. Rather, the article was a tribute to a man who touched many lives. Please have some respect.


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